The 7 Best Practices of Leaders Without Titles

8 Peak Performance tactics to do world-class work in busy times.

The specific tactics that the best companies do to get even better.

The 4 keys to a high performance team and winning culture.

Personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence and focused in the face of uncertainty.

Event Schedule


Drum Café - energizing moment


Dragos Bucurenci - Introducere


Mihaela Reese - Managers by fate or desire?

Bogdan Comanescu

Bogdan Comanescu - The Power to Lead

Dan Ostahie

Dan Ostahie - Life is about...

Andy Szekely

Andy Szekely - From Apprentice to Leader


Robin Sharma - Lead Without A Title - Session 1


Coffee Break & Networking


Robin Sharma - Lead Without A Title - Session 2


Networking & Coffee Break (Business Lunch for Platinum and Diamond ticket holders)


Bogdan Comanescu - Leadership Catalyst


Andrei Rosu - How to set world records, working in corporation


The end of the event - Share what you have learned with your friends and partners, use your new knowledge to help as many people as you can , be the next Leader whitout Title


When and where will be the event?

Thursday September 17, 2015, 9:00 hour

Events Hall, Alexander Hotel

1st/IV Pipera Boulevard, Bucharest



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  • Seat in  Diamond Area
  • Map with support materials for the conference
  • Coffee Break & Networking
  • 25% discount on www.robinsharma.com 
  • 4 books written by Robin Sharma, in Romanian language
  • Networking & Business Lunch
  • Free access to "Robin Sharma 4 week Productivity Training Series"
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About Robin Sharma

About Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world, bestselling author of 15 books that changed mentalities and lives of millions of people, a successful motivational speaker on topics of leadership and personal development.

Robin Sharma shares his knowledge all over the world, where he lecture on leadership principles and techniques that can contribute to the professional success of corporations specialists, of entrepreneurs and others.

For more than fifteen years Robin Sharma has been called upon by CEOs in organizations to coach themselves and to teach their people. Among his clients are: Microsoft, GE, NIKE, FedEx and IBM si a colaborat cu organizatii ca NASA, IMD Business School, Yale. Read More

About Andy Szekely

Andy Szekely is a trainer, speaker, author and entrepreneur. As an author, he published four books, he produced over 100 hours of multimedia materials for adult education and he publishes an online newsletter for over 25,000 subscribers.

As a public speaker and trainer, he has worked with over 50 companies in five European countries and he has held demonstrative workshops in the US, Canada and China.

As an entrepreneur he founded two companies (a publishing house and a training and consulting firm) and initiated Alpha Leadership Foundation for the education of the future leaders of Romania. 

As NLP Master Trainer, with dual training (2003, 2006), Andy sustains programs for personal and professional development, as open seminars or training for companies. 

He was invited as a speaker and trainer in 5 European countries, the US and Canada. Read More

About Bogdan Comanescu

Bogdan Comanescu, the founder of Accelera, has 25 years of national and international experience in marketing, sales and commercial development. He completed projects in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Austria, India and Romania for companies like Accor, Allianz, Vodafone, Aliat Mercedes, BMW Automobile Bavaria and still over 100 companies. Over 4,000 students are registered in his programs of Leadership, Management and Sales and more than 10,000 people attended his public conferences.

Bogdan Comanescu is the author of numerous articles and co-writer of "MAXIM - Psychology of sales force motivation"; he received the title of "Best Speaker of the Year 2012" awarded by Business Days and is the founder of "I deserve, I want and I can!”- the largest workshops in Romania.

About Mihaela Reese

About Mihaela Reese

Mihaela Reese is a thinker, both a pragmatic person and idealist. She is an expert in leadership development, personal strategy, executive coaching and team coaching.

What makes her tick is leading a full and authentic life sourced from inspiration and supporting others in doing the same. With her academic background, positive nature and lightness of being, she easily uncovers blind spots and helps her clients increase the flow in their lives, both business and personal.

Keywords to describe her are connection, results, inspiration, discipline and impact. She built up successful teams and experienced the challenging path of leading people to high performance. Graduating an EMBA and being four years General Manager in the IT&C industry, expanded her view and understanding of business complexity. She is Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.

About Andrei Rosu

Despre Andrei Rosu

Andrei Rosu 39 years old, is the father of two children, working in a multinational company is Endurance sports blogger and writer inspirational, motivational speaker, percussionist amateur events organizer charitable supporter of social projects, donor voluntary blood ... and many more.

In sports competitions he attended so far, he gathered some national and world records including:

    - is the first man ever to complete seven marathons and seven ultra circuit marathons on seven continents the (record registered in the Guinness Book of Records),the first marathon of his life being ... at the North Pole

    - is the only man in the world who played drums at the North Pole

    Read more

About Dragos Bucurenci

Despre Dragos Bucurenci

Dragoş Bucurenci is a communication strategist and coach, a journalist and civic activist. He trained more than 1,000 managers in public speaking, storytelling and interpersonal communication and was awarded Best Training of the Year Prize at the Romanian Business Edu Gala in 2010.

He has an MBA from Stanford University and is certified as NLP Coach by the Academy of Coaching and NLP. In 2014 he joined the European Commission as Communication Adviser to the European Commissioner for Regional Policy.

In Romania, he built two environmental NGOs, “Save the Danube Delta” and “MaiMultVerde”, and spearheaded a public awareness campaign aimed at changing the country's attitudes towards volunteerism and the environment.

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    Please visit this page for details about how to get to Alexander Hotel. We recommend you to use public transportation or a taxi to get to the event location. Parking is not provided; parking spaces are limited

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